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  • Investing in David Hockney


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    Each month Rare Posters Inc. offers bespoke research and analysis on the most valuable and collectable contemporary artists of today. These valuations offer a snapshot view into the trends of today’s art market and can help art lovers build valuable asset and investment portfolios with the art they love. This May, Rare Posters Inc covers the American artist David Hockney (b. 1937).

    Harlequin from Parade
    Harlequin from Parade$500     Purchase 


    British artist David Hockney is associated with the Pop Art movement and renowned for his intimate portraits and naturalistic scenes of California. Over the decades Hockney has worked in depth on various series and mediums, from polaroids, to print, to painting and set design. Hockney has loved painting the brightly lit landscapes of California in plein air, but has also produced his sunny sceneries through high quality techniques of printing and etching. Throughout his career Hockney has enjoyed playing with technology and putting it to purpose. In very recent years, the boundary-pushing Hockney has evolved to creating works of art with technological tools such as iPad’s drawing tool. These 300 works were displayed in a 2013 exhibit at the De Young museum called A Bigger Exhibition.

    Amaryllis In Vase
    Amaryllis In Vase$375     Purchase 


    Hockney's work belongs to numerous high-ranking collections including The Museum of Fine Art in Boston, The National Portrait Gallery of London, the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark, The New York MoMA and M.E.T., The Los Angeles County Museum, The Smithsonian Museum of Art and the Getty Museum of Art. In 2012, Hockney, was already worth an estimated $55.2 million.

    Pool and Steps
    Pool and Steps (1975)$350     Purchase 


    Known for his confidence as a graphic artist, Hockney’s original (exhibition) posters, many never reprinted, have become highly sought-after by collectors of contemporary fine art prints. Many of his iconic images have significantly amplified in price over the past decade and a half. Between 1997 and 2013 poster prices rose significantly: Pool Steps went from $30 to $350, A Bigger Canyon from $22 to $250, Day Pool with Three Blues from $22 to $600, Olympic Games Munich from $20 to $800, Los Angeles 1984 Olympic Games from $15 to $250, Gregory Evans (signed) from $100 to $1500, Two Dancers from $25 to $125, Views of the Hotel Well from $30 to $75. A large limited edition print by Hockney, such as Triple Bill Poster (80x41) 1982, can rise in value all the way to $3,600. Serigraphs and Lithographs can be found for values even far beyond that.

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  • September Spotlight Artist: Jeff Koons

    Balloon Dog
    Sku: YY6685     Size: 35.5 x 27.5 in.
    Retail: $125     Sale: $93.75

    The American contemporary Artist Jeff Koons was born on January 21st 1955, in York Pennsylvania. Koons received his BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 1976. After his studies Koons first worked at the Museum of Modern Art, while trying to establish himself as an artist. In the 1980’s Koons also worked as a Wall Street commodities broker at First Investors Corporation, Brokerage Company and Smith Barney - while making art work on the side and showing in group exhibitions. With a vision through the eyes of boyhood like Norman Rockwell and by minimizing the critical approach to objects like Andy Warhol, he is the most successful living American artist to date.


    Koons, emerging out of the Pop Art tradition, became renowned for reproducing objects from everyday life, mainstream media and popular culture into installations, sculpture and painting. Koons, believing that all things should be allotted equal value and importance in the world without judgement, brings to the foreground what are widely regarded as mundane and kitsch objects, removing them from their original context, and aggrandizing them to monumental statures. These objects, including stainless steel ballon dogs, heart shaped pendants, Michael Jackson sculptures, cartoon characters such as Popeye, the Pink Panther and the Hulk - some of the most banal and exaggerated caricatures of mainstream media - have become part of Koons’s personal iconography.


    As these objects also represent the very edges of what is mainstream, commercial and mundane in the contemporary world - his works are increasingly paired up with objects and in places, like classical museums, that traditionally represent the inverse of banality to us. This bring the viewer to consider why these contemporary objects, should mean anything less than the iconography and worshiped objects of past centuries. Koon’s busts have been shown at Versailles among other busts of distinguished men in 17th century France, his plant sculptures in the grandiose gardens and his reflective stainless steel sculptures in the excessively adorned rooms. Koons’s works can also be found dispersed in Egyptian wings, greek and Roman rooms as well as medieval settings in a similar juxtaposition. In this way, Koons claims, art as a reservoir for themes, meanings and information, connects humans to their history. In fact Koons believes that artists hold a moral responsibility to empower viewers to understand and find access to artworks, so that they can find a metaphor of themselves in art objects. In as much, his works have a certain theatricality to them that pull and engage the viewer to remember and make sense of their memory and the connotations between the works and the contexts within which they find themselves.


    Koons’s process of making art is called “Art Fabrication”. This process is used when the process of producing a work of art is too complex and labor intensive to complete alone. In as much Koons also assigns a factory process, meticulous in its details and precision. A team of 130 assistants in the SOHO factory is assigned small but precisely devised tasks to help complete one aspect of each of the works of art, sometimes by using color-by numbers technique. Koons does not produce the works in person, although he does source images and performs research on subject matters (along with a team), he mainly oversees the production of the works of art. His works are so meticulously produced to seem devoid of artistic will or presence - merely to represent the object as it is.

    Critics of Jeff Koons view his works as overly kitsch and his subject matter as irrelevant. Supporters of his work find it important that he incorporates everything relevant to our culture, in a style of his own which they define as being “pathologically optimistic” and “in a perfectionist pursuit of unconditional love”. Koons has been featured in many exhibitions throughout the world and has received many awards and honors in recognition of his cultural achievements, including his participation in the White House’s “Art in Embassies” exchanges to different countries.

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    Hulk Elvis Monkey Train (Blue)

    Sku: GH1215     Size: 39.5 x 27.5 in.
    Retail: $125     Sale: $93.75

    Sku: YY6387     Size: 39.5 x 27.5 in.
    Retail: $75     Sale: $56.25


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  • August Spotlight Artist: Damien Hirst

    Superstition Trap
    Sku: GH1190     Size: 35.5 x 27.5 in.
    Retail: $175     Sale: $131.25

    Damien Hirst was born on June 7, 1965 in Bristol, England. He is part of a group dubbed Young British Artists (YBA) by ArtForum Magazine. The YBA became dominant on the British art scene, changing it radically, during the 1990’s. The YBA’s began producing artist-led exhibitions in warehouses together in London after graduating from Goldsmith college. One of these first exhibitions was called Freeze - which has flourished into one of the world’s most prominent contemporary art fairs today. The YBA’s were famous for using shock tactics, using throw away or readymade material and having a wild yet entrepreneurial attitude. Several YBA’s were picked up by the successful gallery owner Charles Saatchi.


    Due to his relationship with the gallery owner Charles Saatchi, Hirst gained prominence rapidly and continues to do so today, despite leaving Saatchi in 2003. In 1995, Hirst won the prestigious Turner Prize and has been shown at museums, art fairs and galleries all over the world. Today, Damien Hirst is reported to be the wealthiest living British artist, his wealth valued at £215m.


    Hirst’s most renowned work, completed in 1991, is called The Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living. This work consisted of a 14 ft Tiger Shark, preserved in formaldehyde. With its mouth and eyes wide open, suspended and still in the tank, the shark both represents death and the intention to live and go forward, existing in one body. Hirst produced other works like this, including a horse sliced into several chunks throughout several blocks of glassed in formaldehyde, while kept standing upright, as if the horse’s life were being interrupted. Similarly, Hirst has created a work of a cow and a calf sliced in half, each part kept in a separate tank spaced apart enough to walk in between them. A Thousand Years, was a piece that included flies and maggots feeding off of a dead cow’s head inside a glass case. All of these works have been the cause for public uproars about the meaning of art as well as animal rights.


    In 2008, Hirst caused another uproar when he sold his entire show, Beautiful Inside my Head Forever, at Sotheby’s auction house, unusually bypassing his gallerists and breaking auction records for a single artist sale at $198 million. This sale happened on September 14 2008, one day ahead of the international financial crisis and the fall of Lehman Brothers.

    Throughout his career, Hirst has attempted to challenge ideas about existence. He tries to create awareness and break convictions about boundaries, life, death, love, hate, reason and fear - trying to dissolve the viewers familiar understanding of those domains.

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    The Elusive Truth-SIGNED

    Sku: XX7945-B     Size: 39.5 x 27.5 in.
    Retail: $875     Sale: $656.25

    Theories, Models, Methods, Assumptions, Results and Findings
    Sku: YY6944     Size: 39.5 x 27.5 in.
    Retail: $175     Sale: $131.25


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  • June Spotlight Artist: Le Corbusier


    "Space and light and order. Those are the things that men need just as much as they need bread or a place to sleep." -Le Corbusier
      Le Corbusier, who was born Charles-Edouard Jeanneret, took a multi-disciplined approach in exploring the visual world. Primarily an architect, he also explored the worlds of design, writing, urban planning and painting. Born of Franco-Swiss parents in 1887 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Jeanneret exhibited an early interest in art. He was educated at the La Chaux-de-Fonds Art School, where he also eventually taught during World War II. It was here that Le Corbusier began experimenting with the modern architectural techniques that would later become his trademark. He eventually opened his own practice in Paris with his cousin Pierre Jeanerette.   Le Corbusier found a kindred spirit in French painter Amedee Ozenfant. Ozenfant co-authored many of Corbusier's essays. Together, the two men defined the doctrine of Purism, which rejected Cubism as overly romantic and ornamental. In fact, it was more of a variant of cubism than outright renunciation. "[Purism] seeks the pure element in order to reconstruct organized paintings which seem to be facts from nature herself," they wrote in Apres le cubisme, the manifesto for the movement. Le Corbusier was a prolific painter, and his works can be found at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Galerie Zlotowksi in Paris, and The National Museum of Western Art in Tokyo, of which he was the architect.

    Villa Savoye, Nord-Est.
    Sku: AP235     Size: 19.75 x 27.5 in.
    Retail: $45     Sale Price: $33.75




    Unite d'Habitation
    Sku: AP565     Size: 27.5 x 39.25 in.
    Retail: $45     Sale Price: $33.75




    Couvent de La Tourette
    Sku: AP707     Size: 22.25 x 33 in.
    Retail: $45     Sale Price: $33.75




    Chapelle de Ronchamp
    Sku: AP236     Size: 19.75 x 27.5 in.
    Retail: $45     Sale Price: $33.75




      Charles-Edouard Jeanneret adopted his famous pseudonym in 1920. He chose the name after his maternal grandfather "Lecorbesier." It was under this name that he published Vers Une Architecture, a collection of essays that would serve as a manifesto for modern architecture. As an important underlying notion, Le Corbusier disliked Art Deco, a style that prevailed during the early 20th century, which he dismissed as unnecessarily stylistic and non-functional.   Besides functionality, Le Corbusier sought to emphasize space in his architecture, which he viewed as man's potential for movement. The materials he used became fundamental elements of modern architecture: concrete slabs, steel and plate glass. Today his works can be seen in Zurich, Chandigarh, Brussels, Paris, Stuttgart, Ahmedabad and Cambridge, Massachusetts, among others.

    Galerie Zlotowski
    Sku: CB5101     Size: 23.5 x 15.75 in.
    Retail: $35    Sale Price: $26.25




    Galerie Zlotowski
    Sku: CB5102     Size: 23.5 x 15.75 in.
    Retail: $35    Sale Price: $26.25Purchase




    Galerie Zlotowski
    Sku: CB5103     Size: 23.5 x 15.75 in.
    Retail: $35    Sale Price: $26.25




    Galerie Zlotowski
    Sku: CB5104     Size: 23.5 x 15.75 in.
    Retail: $35    Sale Price: $26.25




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  • July Spotlight Artist: Alex Katz

    Dog At Duck Trap
    Sku: aw1038     Size: 35.5 x 27.5 in.
    Retail: $250     Sale: $187.50

    Alex Katz was born in Brooklyn NY in 1927 to Russian parents. Katz always had an affiliation to the arts, first at the Woodrow Wilson High School - famous for its program of morning academics and afternoon arts and later, in 1946, at the prestigious Cooper Union College, for architecture and engineering. At Cooper Union, Katz trained in Modern Art Theories and techniques where he was exposed to modern art and painting.


    Katz held his first solo show in 1954 at Roko Gallery. His style was influenced by other figurative painters like Larry Rivers and Fairfield Porter - as well as poets and photographers. Although he explored collage and landscapes in the beginning of his career, Katz became increasingly interested in portraiture. He is well known for large scale close-up portraits with monochrome backgrounds. These backgrounds were both a defining characteristic of his style but also of Pop Art’s flat, colorful and simple images often found in television and billboard advertisement.


    Katz’s subject matter is also closely akin to the themes in Pop Art : they are sleek, humorous, light, commercial and often focusing in on individuals or groups of people in the social world of artists, poets, critics and fashion. His work has been used in dance performances, stage design and fashion projects. Katz’s technique and style are unwavering even when he paints up-close and large-scale landscapes in his “environment series” during the 80’s and 90’s. These works of large-scale blossoms, colorful and with beams of sunlight coming through the leaves like straight lines in contrast to the curling flora, seem to expand beyond the canvas with the same controlled, clean and graphic technique.


    On of the most successful contemporary American artists, Katz has produced over 200 solo exhibitions and public art projects, participated in over 500 group shows and his works can be found in over 100 public museum collections throughout the world. Besides the medium of painting, Katz has also produced editions in lithography, etching, silkscreen, woodcut and linoleum cuts. Until today, Katz still lives in the same artist collective in SoHo (NY) which he moved into in 1964.

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    Friendship Through Flowers, Ikebana International

    Sku: aw1045-b     Size: 39.5 x 27.5 in.
    Retail: $900     Sale: $675

    East Interior
    Sku: aw1545     Size: 39.5 x 27.5 in.
    Retail: $45     Sale: $33.75


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  • Belgian Artist René Magritte in the U.S.

    "My painting is visible images which conceal nothing; they evoke mystery and, indeed, when one sees one of my pictures, one asks oneself this simple question, “What does that mean?” It does not mean anything, because mystery means nothing either, it is unknowable." -Rene Magritte

        View our featured article on Rene Magritte in this month's Gazette Van Detroit ; the oldest Belgian News Paper in America !

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    L'Oiseau de ciel Men's S T-Shirt
    Sku: RM17968Retail: $59.95

    Sale: $37.46


    Set of 6 Coasters
    Sku: RM17951     Size: 3.75 x 3.75 in.

    Retail: $21.95

    Sale: $15.95


    Le Fils de l'homme FigurineSku: RM50261     Size: 5.25 x 4.25 in.

    Retail: $69.95

    Sale: $52.46


    Set of 10 Assorted Greeting Cards
    Sku: RM09529
    Size: 7.25 x 5 in.

    Retail: $17.95

    Sale: $13.65


    Set of 10 Assorted (set B) Greeting Cards
    Sku: RM09536
    Size: 7.25 x 5 in.

    Retail: $17.95

    Sale: $13.65


    Set of 8 Assorted (set A) Post Cards
    Sku: RM11355
    Size: 7.25 x 5 in.

    Retail: $10.95

    Sale: $8.20


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  • Pop Art in the 80's Auction


    Rare Posters - Pop Art in the 80's Auction

    tuesday june 18th at 9am pst (12 Noon est)

    Wesselmann Blonde w/ Green Drape Serigraph

    Signed 1989 Clark Copper (Mr. Peanut) Print

    1985 Keith Haring Untitled (people Love Peace) Poster

    Andy Warhol Diamond Dust Shoes Poster

    Af Klint The Swan, No. 17, Group Ix/Suw Poster

    1988 Jim Dine Heart Offset Lithograph

    Signed 1987 Dunham Three Etchings (#3) Etching

    1990 General Idea Art Against Aids Poster

    1987 Funkhouser Expresso Still-Life Poster

    Signed 1977 Ting Nude Lithograph

    2010 Ed Ruscha Robin Offset Lithograph

    Signed Renbaum Harley Davidson X 3 Serigraph

    1991 Rauschenberg Retroactive II Poster

    1980 Jurgen Peters Illumination Serigraph

    1978 Lichtenstein Cheese Head Poster

    2012 Koons Balloon Dog (red) Poster

    browse the full auction here

  • Surreal Gifts for Dad on Fathers Day

    Gift Ideas for Dad from Rare Posters.

    La Trahison des images TieSku: RM15117   &Retail: $89.95
    Sale: $49.95
    Golconde TieSku: RM15100   &Retail: $89.95 Sale: $49.95










    Give your Dad the gift that will make him feel unique this year. The colorful, smart and brand new Rene Magritte gift collection is skillfully crafted and designed in Europe. With images that are both humorous, engaging and the perfect conversation starter your dad will be the center of attention at every social event!The collectible gift line includes sleekly designed watches, elegant silk ties, unique umbrellas, humorous bar coasters, espresso cups & saucers and much more! By clicking on each item, you can access all details and sales information. You can view the full collection right Here.Order by June 9th and your order will be shipped via UPS Ground for Free- just in time for in time for Father's Day. Items in the Magritte collection are also 25% off!Overnight and Saturday Delivery shipping are available at a discounted rate. This offer applies to items in stock only.

    Ceci n'est pas une Pipe UmbrellaSku: RM11515   &nbspRetail: $89.95 Sale: $49.95
    Set of Six CoastersSku: RM17951   &nbspRetail: $21.95

    Sale: $15.95

  • Surreal Gifts for Mom from Rare Posters


    Free Shipping for Mother's Day!


    Give your mom the gift that will make her feel fashionable and unique this year. The colorful, intelligent and elegant Rene Magritte gift collection is skillfully crafted and designed in Europe, with images that are both humorous, engaging and the perfect conversation starter at any social event!

    The collectible gift line includes beautifully designed watches, silk shawls, artful umbrellas, unusual serving trays, humorous coasters, cappuccino cups & saucers and much more! Simply click on the images to view more details or you can view the full collection Here.


    Order May 8th and May 9th and your order will be shipped via UPS Ground for Free- just in time for Mother's Day. Items in the Magritte collection are also 25% off!


    Overnight and Saturday Delivery shipping are available at a discounted rate. This offer applies to items in stock only, and only to the Tri-State area.


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