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  • Investment Series - October 2015

    Spotlight Artist: Gerhardt Richter

    Gerhard Richter (b.1932) lived through World War II Germany in Dresden and in smaller towns close to the Polish and Czech borders. At the age of 12, Richter received a simple plate camera as a Christmas gift from his mother and was taught by a local camera shop owner Werner Jungmichel to develop and print photographs, a skill which Richter would continue to use as an aid to painting. Richter was admitted into the post-war Dresden Art Academy after the second application in 1951. After his resettlement in West Germany, Richter studied at Kunsthakademie Düsseldorf from 1961 to 1964, where he met Polke, Lueg and Kuttner and began to collaborate. Richter had his first solo exhibition Gerhard Richter at Galerie Schmela, Düsseldorf.

    Gerhard Richter in front of one of his paintings at the Centre Pompidou, Paris, in June 2012.
    Photograph: Joel Saget/AFP/Getty         Images Source: The Guardian

    Since the 1960s Richter has been interested and immersed in the relationship between photographic sources and painting; using photographs as his starting point and rebelling against the typical notions of what paintings should be. Concurrently, Richter also moved away from typical subject matters, and began painting eclectic subjects including military aircraft, family portraits, groups of people, murder, death, dying and war.


    Richter - Lovers in the Forest

    Offset Lithograph

      $125 discounted $87.50

    Richter - City Pictures, Munich

    Offset Lithograph

      $35 discounted $24.50


    Richter - 1025 Colors ( 1025 Farben )

    Offset Lithograph

      $250 discounted $175

    Richter - Abstrakte Bilder

    Offset Lithograph

      $60 discounted $42


    Richter - Kerze (Candle)

    Offset Lithograph

      $75 discounted $52.50

    Richter - Schadel (Skull)

    Offset Lithograph

      $75 discounted $52.50


    At the end of the 1960s Richter painted mostly aerial views of towns, cities and mountain ranges, which investigated through abstraction and experimentation with delicate grisaille shadow paintings, grey monochromes - eventually resulting in his now famous color streak paintings. Throughout the 1970s Richter explored color blocks while grappling with the concepts of anti-expressive minimalism and ideas about the death of painting. The year 1976 was a particularly breakthrough year for Richter in which he created a substantial number of colorful abstract works, that welcomed an array of patterns, textures, surfaces and techniques with an energetic investigatory zeal. By the end of the 1980s, Richter was among the most prominent painters in both Germany and the world, with his gallery representation shifting to Marian Goodman in New York and Anthony d'Offay in London.


    Richter - Merlin

    Offset Lithograph

      $125 discounted $87.50

    Richter - DG

    Offset Lithograph

      $125 discounted $87.50


    Richter - Tisch (Table)

    Offset Lithograph

      $150 discounted $105

    Richter - Victoria I

    Offset Lithograph

      Estimated Value: $ 3,025 - $ 3,535


    Richter - Victoria II

    Offset Lithograph

      Estimated Value: $ 3,025 - $ 3,535



    Richter - Eis 2Serigraph

      Estimated Value: $ 3,025 - $ 3,535


    Richter - Wald (Forest)

    Offset Lithograph

      $150 discounted $105


    Represented by topnotch galleries and alongside esteemed artists, Richter’s works have always risen in value over time, especially in the last decade. Signed offset prints of Victoria I and Victoria II were worth $714 in 2000, $1893 in 2004, $2500 in 2006 and $8000 in 2013. Similarly, signed and numbered serigraphs of the popular piece Eis 2 was worth $4500 in 2003, $8000 in 2004, $16000 in 2005 and $37000 in 2013. Like everything Richter produces, his high quality prints are vivid, sharp and of excellent quality.

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    Renoir - Woman in Black Veil

    Degas - The Red Ballet Skirts 

    Horst - Beauty: Bare Facts about Fashion

    Horst - The Model

    Sieff - Two Women in Fur Coats

    Sieff - London (1967) 

    Schatzberg - Fish Market

    Clark - Dior

    Penn - Mouth (for L'Oreal), NY

    Erte - Harper's Bazar Cover 

    Weber - On the set

    Dufy - Portraits D'Helena Rubinstein 

    Unknown - Cartier Necklace 

    Commoy & Blanchard - Le Male

    Warhol - Diamond Dust Shoes



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  • "Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth." - Pablo Picasso

    September 2015 Spotlight Artist: Pablo Picasso

    "Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth."

    Pablo Picasso- Portrait of Dora Mar Portrait of Dora Mar

    Pablo Picasso, born in Malaga Spain in 1881, was a painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramist and stage designer. He lived most of his life in France, where he also died in 1973 at age 91. Along with Duchamps and Matisse, Picasso is considered to be one of the main driving forces in inducing revolutionary changes in the arts of the 20th Century due to his numerous styles and revolutionary ideas, techniques and theories. In a 75 year career the prolific Picasso created 13,500 paintings, 100,000 graphic prints, 34,000 book illustrations and 300 sculptures and ceramics. Picasso's earliest works were influenced by symbolist movement and El Greco, reflecting excellence and mastery in the technique of realist painting. His blue and rose periods ensue (1903-1905), during which time Picasso became the favorite artist of renowned American art collectors Gertrude and Leo Stein.

    Pablo Picasso- Galerie Motte-Geneve Lithograph Pablo Picasso- Galerie Motte-Geneve Photo-lithograph measuring 30.75 x 22 inches with an edition size of 900. Published by Librairie Fischbacher and printed by Imprimerie Mourlot in 1966. Also Referenced: Rodrigo, Vol. I, #162, pg. 352. Czwiklitzer #271.

    In an attempt to understand the world as a series of new and changing angles of realities, Picasso became inspired by African and tribal art and created the large-scale and especially renowned "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon" (1907). Picasso, along with artist George Braque, developed Analytic Cubism wherein monochrome brown and neutral colors were applied to geometric shapes and figures turned inside out. Synthetic Cubism followed, in which Picasso used cut paper fragments of newspaper and wallpaper in his works - establishing the first usage of collage in fine arts. The softer classicism and surrealism followed many of Picasso's mythical figures and classical ideal drawings came from this time. But the Spanish civil war burst the nostalgic moment and Picasso created 'Guernica' (1937), a heart wrenching depiction of the bombing of the Basque city Guernica by German and Italian warplanes.

    Picasso Women Of Algiers Pablo Picasso’s Women Of Algiers became the most expensive painting ever sold at auction when it went for £115million at Christie's in New York in May 2015

    Pablo Picasso's Women of Algiers (Version O) sold to an anonymous bidder at Christie's in New York for $179.4 million, the most ever for a painting in May, 2015. Between 1988 and 2010 Picasso sales at auction $862,633,539 with 30083 lots sold. In 2014 alone Picasso sold for $375,260,323 at auction, according to Artprice - the most reliable source for art market valuation. Picasso’s most highly valued print on paper at auction since 1986 has been the signed and numbered lithograph Palome et sa Poupée sur Fond Noir (1962) which sold for $49,484 in 2008. Prints on paper are in most cases the only existing investment option for younger collectors. At Rare Posters several hard-to-find works on paper are currently on offer, including Bonne Fete Monsieur Picasso (1961) , Tauromachie (avant la lettre) (1982), and Manolo Hugnet, Ceret, Musee D'art Moderne (1957) .


    Pablo Picasso- Tauromachie (avant la lettre) Pablo Picasso- Tauromachie (avant la lettre) Click for details


    Pablo Picasso- Bonne Fete Monsieur 1961 Pablo Picasso- Bonne Fete Monsieur 1961, click for details
    Pablo Picasso- Manolo Hugnet, Ceret, Musee D'art Moderne-SIGNED Pablo Picasso- Manolo Hugnet, Ceret, Musee D'art Moderne-SIGNED


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    Roland Garros 1984

    Offset Lithograph


    A.M. Cassandre-

    Coupe Davis(Restrike) 1980





    Roland Garros 1983

     Signed Lithograph


    David Nash-

    Roland Garros 2013

    Signed Poster



    Gunther Forg-

    Roland Garros 2006

    Offset Lithograph


    Du Zhenjun-

    Roland Garros 2015

    Offset Lithograph




    Roland Garros 2009

     Offset Lithograph


    Joan Miro-

    Roland Garros 1991

    Offset Lithograph



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  • SPOTLIGHT ARTIST: Antoni Tàpies

    Antoni Tapies- Lettre A Antoni Tapies- Lettre A

    Antoni Tàpies (1923-2012) is the best-known Catalan artist to emerge after World War II. The early works of Tàpies display a strong primitive character of Dadaism or even children’s art and indicate that he was importantly influenced by allegory, myth and metaphor. A decade into his career, Tàpies acquired heightened social consciousness and created strongly abstract and more openly political work with a social undertone. Unsurprisingly, Tàpies became the co-founder of the Spanish Dada/Surrealism movement in post WWII Spain, a group known as Dau al Set, and his international reputation was well established by the end of the 1950s. As Tàpies became more inspired by transcendental ideas of oriental religions, he also experimented with new materials such as marble dust, sand, colored clays, and hemp and gave rise to a type of work known as matter painting. In matter painting the material used becomes the idea of expression, not merely a medium with which to express it. Thanks to his brief studies in Paris during the 50’s, and his political fervor, many of Tàpies’ works were exhibited in that cultural capital (at Gallery Maeght) and published in esteemed French art periodicals (Derrière le Miroir). Later works of Tàpies expressed an esoteric philosophy, partly inspired by Zen Buddhism and reveal his application of this aesthetic of meditative emptiness as well as linear elements suggestive of Oriental calligraphy.

    Black and red, Tapies, Galerie Lelong, lithograph, 1990 Black and red, Tapies, Galerie Lelong

    The thoughtful Tàpies is no Pop artists, but as an important figure in Catalan history and Post-war art, his works are gaining increasing relevance at auction since 2012. In 2014 his works achieved $5,508,548 at auction, of which sales occurred predominantly in the USA. His most valuable print on paper at auction in 1999 was Cartes par à la Teresa (1974), a Lithograph that sold for $11,500. Tàpies’ valuation moves at a slower pace and answers more to classical and pensive tastes, but his works are a steady investment. At Rare Posters Inc. some of the artist’s renowned lithographs are now available: Chicago International Art Exposition (1987) ($250); Tapies Derriere Le Miroir, no. 175 (1968) $700; Relief in Brick Color (1970) $375; and Brossa & Tapies U No Es Ningu (1979) $350.

    Maeght Zurich Tapies Maeght Zurich Tapies

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  • Basquiat- We miss you.

    On August 12 in 1988, the Brooklyn born and raised artistJean-Michel Basquiat forever said goodbye to this world. Famous for the  interplay of drawing and word in his works, the self-taught artist Jean-Michel Basquiat was influenced by comics, advertising, his personal experiences, Pop art, hip-hop, politics, and everyday urban life.

    jean-michel-basquiat-florence-poster jean-michel-basquiat-florence-poster
    Image:  "Florence" poster published for a retrospective of his work at a museum in Italy in 2002 http://bit.ly/1hzCsPH

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